aespa re-imagines the 90s with "Dreams Come True"

The princesses of 4th gen K-Pop are back with their latest release "Dreams Come True"! This release is a remastered song of S.E.S 90s hit single of the same title. The music video begins with an aespa style remix opening as it leads to the original 90s song's intro. Throughout the music video we see breath taking and fairytale like visuals. At the end of the song we see that aespa takes us to KWANGYA as we see the ae's appear, confirming that the song will be part of the KWANGYA storyline. What did you think about aespa's remastered cover of the 90's single? Check out the music video below: Check out the original song by S.E.S: aespa album's for sale:

BIBI has become the first independent Korean female artist to make Top 40 Radio!
Following her phenomenal US debut performance only a few weeks ago at 88risingsHead in The Clouds’, BIBI has since then released ‘The Weekend’. The track was featured on 88risings ‘Head in The Clouds 3’, and has made waves after fans were blown away by her stage presence and personality; calling into radio stations, online listening platforms, and others of the like to hear this amazing song. With KIIS LA providing incredible support, BIBI has also been included in many interviews via online and in-person, as she continues with her US promotions.
BIBI has been making headlines, from being a part of marvel soundtrack for ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ that was produced by 88risings and featured many artists within the industry; to making her US debut at ‘Head in The Clouds’ 2021 in Pasadena, CA. She has made a name for herself, with her outgoing personality, beautiful voice, and drop dead gorgeous features, BIBI is a force to reackoned with. ‘The Weekend’ a pop-R&B track has officially charted on US Pop Radio Top 40 Mediabase Chart for the first time, making her well known following a stunning music video also produced by 88rising and Core.A creative. In ‘The Weekend’ music video that was previously released on December 6th, we see a seductive BIBI and many suitors pining over her beauty, attempting to catch her eye. Phones old and new are seen throughout the video, with blinking lights indicating that they are on hold as BIBI nonchalantly returns their flirtatious gestures. Until one lover doesn’t quite take to her overly confident persona, and soon after she faces what comes next.
There is so much to know about BIBI and her passion  for creating music that fans around the world can relate to. She has been known as one of the most influential artists and one of the fastest-rising singer, songwriter, and actor in Korea. Her previous single ‘I’m Good at Goodbyes’ was selected as ‘Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: Top 20’ by Billbords, which is an incredible accomplishment in itself. BIBI was also the only Korean artist to have performed at ‘From Milan with Love: Next Gen’, which was formed by Roc Nation and AC Milan, to find and champion rising new talent. Many talented artists have seen what she can do, artists such as Feel Ghood Music’s Yoonmirae, Tiger JK, and Bizzy, Zico, Twice, J.Y Park, Crush, and many others have collaborated with BIBI; and they can not deny the talent and charisma she brings to the table. 

BIBI has such raw talent, and an amazing personality that she’s the one to watch for years to come. You can check out her latest music video to her chart topping song, ‘The Weekend’ now!

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