What we know about "The ReVe Festival Day 3: Finale" *COMEBACK!*

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Reveluvs are getting desperate to know when Red Velvet will be making their next comeback.... this is what we know!

  • The comeback will be around mid-December.
  • We are getting details that "The ReVe Festival- Day 3: Finale" will be a full album. With a possible repackaged full album around late-January or February.
  • The concept of the album will be similar to that of "The Perfect [Red] Velvet" albums.
  • The title song will be a mix of Red and Velvet, with a concept about "celebration".
  • One of the b-side songs in the album is called "Shining" which has an RBB/Peek-a-Boo tune to it.

This is what we know so far. Not everything here is yet confirmed by SM.
We will keep updating the list once we get new information.