aespa re-imagines the 90s with "Dreams Come True"

The princesses of 4th gen K-Pop are back with their latest release "Dreams Come True"! This release is a remastered song of S.E.S 90s hit single of the same title. The music video begins with an aespa style remix opening as it leads to the original 90s song's intro. Throughout the music video we see breath taking and fairytale like visuals. At the end of the song we see that aespa takes us to KWANGYA as we see the ae's appear, confirming that the song will be part of the KWANGYA storyline. What did you think about aespa's remastered cover of the 90's single? Check out the music video below: Check out the original song by S.E.S: aespa album's for sale:

Our Predictions for 2018 in K-Pop

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We are a few days away from beginning 2018. This was a very successful year in K-Pop, it was as successful as 2012 K-Pop, which marked the beginning of the 3rd Generation K-Pop. We saw a K-Pop group, BTS, go international just like PSY in 2012, & we saw the explosion of more widespread K-Pop fans globally.
Now I predict 2018 will be an even more successful year. Here are my predictions for what we might see in 2018.

Beginning with:

BTS: They are official The Kings of 3rd Gen K-Pop, we saw worldwide success from them this year and I expect for 2018 to be even bigger for them. I see 2-4 comebacks happening. 1 in the first half and 1-3 comebacks in the second half of the year. They may make 2 collabs with American artists. I predict another Billboard win, either Social Artist or Collab Award oooooor maybe both? We got to see. They might win an AMA for the first time but if they make a collab with an American artist or release an English song. J-Hope may make a solo debut. I also see them doing a worldwide stadium tour.

TWICE: TWICE slayed the K-Pop charts over and over again this year. I see 3 comebacks in 2018. One comeback in the 1st or 2nd quartile, another one in the 3rd quartile, and another one in the 4th quartile. I predict a 2nd TWICE tour with locations in S.Korea and Japan.

EXO: EXO will have 4 comebacks. 2 comebacks in the 1st half of the year, 1 Japanese debut and 2 Korean comebacks. 2 more comebacks in the 2nd half of the year. CBX will make 1 comeback. There might be an EXO North American Tour???

Red Velvet: This year has been the most successful year for RV. They had three No.1 albums, three No.1 lead singles, and they made history by becoming the first K-Pop girl group to have four No.1 albums on the Billboard World Albums Chart. I see Red Velvet having 3 comebacks in 2018. One comeback in late Feb./ early March, one in July/ August, and their 3rd comeback in November/December. Expect for all of them to be Red or a balance of Red and Velvet concepts.

SHINee: With the passing of Jonghyun, I still think SHINee's scheduled performances will continue. Jonghyun's latest recorded music will be released in the first half of the year or on Jonghyun's one year anniversary. SHINee may comeback as a four-member group in the 2nd or 4th quartile.

F(x): Expect a F(x) comeback???

Girls' Generation: They will not comeback in 2018, not for sure though, but expect them to perform in events.

KARD: I think they might release an English song or maybe a half English/half Korean album? They might do another North American Tour or a World Tour? Expect 2-3 comebacks from them in 2018.

SVT (Seventeen): I believe they might meet head to head with BTS on the 2018 Billboard Music Awards & they might become the 2nd K-Pop group to be nominated to the BMA's. SVT and BTS have an extremely large fanbase worldwide, so is very high it might occur.


SM: I see a girl group debut coming out from SM, with 4-7 members. 1 solo debut

JYP: No group debuts, maybe solo debuts.

YG: I see one boy group debut, with 5-9 members.

Big Hit: One boy group with 4-8 members.


It has not been confirmed but I predict these groups might disband due to the ending of contracts, members have already left, or no interest of fans.

-MISS A (Came true on Dec.27th, 2017)

For sure I'm not correct about all this, but it was what came to my mind.

What do you predict will happen in 2018 in the K-Pop world?