aespa re-imagines the 90s with "Dreams Come True"

The princesses of 4th gen K-Pop are back with their latest release "Dreams Come True"! This release is a remastered song of S.E.S 90s hit single of the same title. The music video begins with an aespa style remix opening as it leads to the original 90s song's intro. Throughout the music video we see breath taking and fairytale like visuals. At the end of the song we see that aespa takes us to KWANGYA as we see the ae's appear, confirming that the song will be part of the KWANGYA storyline. What did you think about aespa's remastered cover of the 90's single? Check out the music video below: Check out the original song by S.E.S: aespa album's for sale:

Last moments of Jonghyun caught on tape

The owner of the convenience store was asked about his interaction with Jonghyun at the store, and he said that Jonghyun had only bought some cigarettes, a soda drink, and some snacks.
The security guard also spoke about Jonghyun saying:

“After parking his car on the B1 floor, he stood in front of the convenience store on the same floor for a very long time. After checking in he got in his car and went to the road right in front of the residence and went back and forth making a lot of noise. He was stepping on the accelerator so hard that the engine was making very loud noises. After a while, things got quiet and then the car came back in (to the parking lot).” -Security Guard