B.A.P Trends on Twitter Even Among Super Bowl Hype

Provided By: +Soompi

B.A.P Trends on Twitter Even Among Super Bowl Hype
This weekend, even among the Super Bowl craze, B.A.P has been seen on the worldwide trending list on Twitter, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with!
On February 3 at 11 AM (KST), the B.A.P members held a Q&A session with their fans through their personal Twitter accounts. It was a special moment since the B.A.P members were counting down the hour to the release of their first ever full-length album together with their fans.
Only after two hours, around 450,000 tweets were counted for B.A.P. The group was seen trending 4th place in America, 2nd place in Japan and even 1st in Russia, proving their global popularity. This is especially more noteworthy since the Super Bowl had just ended in America and yet B.A.P still stayed on the top of the trending list.
B.A.P’s “First Sensibility” is drawing much attention, especially for their music video for “1004 (Angel)” as well as their other tracks.
In addition, B.A.P member Jongup made a birthday promise with his fans. Since his birthday is coming up on February 6, he promised fans to release a special “B.A.B.Y” video clip that was taken in a recent fan meeting if the “1004″ music video surpasses 3 million viewers.